What's your Little Free Library steward personality type?

Now that there are over 100000 Little Free Libraries, the worldwide community of stewards is immense! All of us have unique stories of why we got into the movement, how we keep our library going, and why we love sharing books with the world. There are as many reasons as there are libraries. What does your stewarding style say about you? Take this quiz as a fun way to celebrate how we are different, and the libraries that bring us together!
How long have you had your library?
Less than 1 year (welcome!)
1-2 years
3-5 years
5-10 years
More than 10 years

What's the biggest reason you put up a Little Free Library?
I love building things
Help my community
Encourage literacy
Looks awesome in front of my house

Where is your library?
At my house
Park, school, or other public space
Which one? I've built them all over the place
In my garage, I haven't gotten it posted yet

What was the most important factor in deciding your color scheme?
It matched my house
I wanted to make an artistic statement
It needed to be calm and neutral
It was a committee decision
I picked the least expensive option on the LFL website

Someone left a romance novel in your library! What do you do?
Take it out to prevent kids from reading steamy adult scenes
Not a darn thing, it could be someone's pathway to literacy
Add a tiny red curtain in one corner of the library as a designated spot for them
Take it out to read it myself

How often do you stamp or mark your books?
Frequently because I do not want them put up for sale!
Regularly because it's a thrill to see stamps in books that travel far!
Occasionally because I have a cool stamp!

If you add a book to your library….
I hope it comes back
I assume I'll never see it again and that's okay
I'm tracking them all so I'll know if it comes back!
I don't add books, they come from the world

What do you do if someone takes all your books?
Refill it and post a sign reminding people to only take a few
Add a few but leave it mostly empty, it'll refill itself
Post on social media that I need a refill
Leave it totally empty

Does your library have its own facebook page?
Yes but I don't update it frequently
Yes and I update on a regular cadence
Yes with 1000 likes!
I have a group

Did you check with your neighbors first?
Yes, they loved the idea!
Yes, they needed convincing but they came around
I checked with one neighbor. Good enough sample for me!
Nope just built it

Are you concerned with the quality of books in your library?
Yes, I add good literature on purpose
A little, but I know they are a reflection of my community not me
As long as books aren't offensive, I'm okay with them
No, I'd rather have it full than worry about the content
Not even a little bit, whatever is in there is in there

Did you have a grand opening?
Yes it was fun!
No, didn't see the need
No, because I opened in a pandemic

How often do you visit other libraries?
All the time, I love posting about my visits!
I've never been to another Little Free Library

Someone left religious tracts about the end of the world, what do you do?
Leave them because I agree the end times are near
Leave them because removing them is censorship
Leave them because whatever people leave is fine with me
Recycle bin because they're not there to encourage literacy
Recycle bin because people won't be interested in them

How active are you in the main steward's facebook group?
Tried it but it wasn't for me
In it and occasionally active
I love posting and commenting!
There's a steward's facebook group?

How long did you spend researching before you built or installed your library?
No research I just built away!
I read up a little, but no major research
Plenty of thinking, and I visited other libraries for ideas
Took me forever to get around to it, but I wouldn't say I researched

Ever given your library a nice fresh coat of paint?
Yes, almost every year
I will when it needs it, but good so far
It has had at least one refresh but it's not perfect
Nope, it's looking a little worn but I like that look

Do you have a guestbook?
Yes, from the official LFL store
Yes, I love comments!
I've tried it in the past but it got stolen and I haven't replaced it

Favorite book genre?
Self help
Literary fiction
Popular fiction
All of them I can't pick a genre!

What's the size of your backstash?
I don't keep a backstash for my LFL
I keep it to one shelf
More than one shelf
I could stock the entire state

Do you have events and theme weeks?
Once or twice a year, sure
Several times a year!

Do you encourage extras (dog treats, activity kits, food?)
Only food for people in need
No, my library is only for books
Yes everything!
Never done this